Jay has been a friend of the Torberts for over 30 years. We originally met when he was on staff at Faith Lutheran Church in Sugarland, TX.
Jay is currently living in Omaha, Nebraska, where he serves as the head of the Prayer Ministry at King of Kings Lutheran Church. He has also served in the capacity of Senior Pastor on two occasions totaling 27 years. He has authored five books. He has served on the United States Prayer Council and is friends with many individuals in high political offices from VP to senators, to governors, etc.

He has a traveling healing ministry and has participated in seeing nearly 7000 people healed in his services. He is a regular contributor to Elijah List and has been a guest on Daystar and TBN.

Jay was married for 42 years to Diane who passed away after battling leukemia for 5 years. He is currently engaged and to be married in April 2023.