HUMILITY – Remembering our place beneath the authority and sovereignty of God.

SURRENDER to the will and purposes of God.

DETACHMENT from our dependence on worldly securities.

LOVE that is clear of self-interest.

CHASTITY that springs from the purity of heart.

GENEROSITY – “It is more blessed to give than to receive” “Freely you have received, freely give.”

VIGILANCE over our souls.

PATIENCE – Enduring ourselves and others in the long haul of growth and challenge.

DISCERNMENT – Learn to perceive God with the eyes of our soul.

THANKFULNESS in all things (God’s spiritual air freshener).

GENTLENESS – Pursue it.

FORTITUDE – To continue in the Spirit when people and circumstances turn against us.

OBEDIENCE – Cooperating with God’s unfolding will.

PENITENCE – Correct the errors we have made and redress the harms we’ve caused.

*Taken from “The Glorious Pursuit” by Gary Thomas