Prayer Ministers

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Sherry has been counseling individuals and couples for over 30 years.  She is the author of Passion for Purpose, an 8-week inner healing curriculum, and two books, “Seven Love Languages of the Holy Spirit” and “Scripture Prayers for Specific Needs.  She is passionate about people being healed of their traumas and childhood wounds and getting the truth where they have believed lies in order to walk in their God-given destinies.  She is also an inner-healing coach offering 90-day programs for people who are spiritually dry, overwhelmed, and without direction.  Sherry has founded three non-profit organizations – IAPM being #3.  Sherry has trained hundreds of individuals in the Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry and has raised many other facilitators to spread the word.  Passion for Purpose has reached over 1000 people with Biblical truths about heart healing.  Sherry has the heart of a pastor and the gift of encouragement.

Ron and Sherry counsel couples together, do pre-marital counseling, and teach marriage conferences. Ron is also available to meet one on one with men.  Ron recently published a book entitled, “Who Told You That” which is basic training in spiritual warfare.  Ron is a teacher gifted and passionate about people knowing and acting on the truth of God’s Word.

Both Sherry and Ron can be reached at