Deliverance is not a light topic as we may know or have experienced, we often become tense when we think about it. The enemy has convinced us that deliverance is hard. This, unbeknownst to us, has given the enemy more powerful than he has and diminished the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we believe that deliverance is hard then that implies that God is not able. Let’s flip that last part, what it is exposing is our inability as humans apart from Holy Spirit; to deliver ourselves or anyone else. I’m recalling the scripture that God’s strength is perfected in our weakness 2 Cor. 12:9. It is in our most vulnerable moments that God’s glory, power, love, and majesty shine through.
It takes three main ingredients for the prayers of deliverance to be effective. Those ingredients are a revelation, application, and belief. The need for deliverance first must be revealed through Holy Spirit. Once revelation occurs, we can pray more effectively and strategically (James 5:16). This is necessary because our hearts can deceive us (Jer. 17:9) and the enemy can hide in that deception, so it takes Holy Spirit to reveal our truth. Once the truth is revealed we must apply the Word of God. This often has to do with forgiveness, repentance, judgments, foundational lies, and anything that presents a hindrance. And lastly, prayer and deliverance must be accompanied by belief according to Heb. 11:6. More times than not our prayers are hindered by unbelief.
There is a real enemy but because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ we have been given authority (dunimas power) to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt us (Luke 10:19).