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Course Level 201: Heart Healing Essentials

Learn the essential pastoral/prayer counseling principles that will help you discover the path to healing AND equip you to effectively guide others throughout their healing journey.  Experience true heart healing and learn to help others do the same.

Say goodbye to feeling helpless and  ineffective

Do you wake up in the morning knowing that God has more for you and the people that you love, but you can’t put your finger on what that is? In today’s world, so many people feel stuck and hopeless, unable to create effective and lasting change in their lives. Our Heart Healing Essentials course contains our most important foundational teachings that will empower you to break cycles that leave you feeling:

Unable to overcome difficulties that hinder true transformation.

Ineffective in guiding others to victory over their struggles.

Helpless and unsure of how to create effective and lasting change.
This is a 27-week facilitated video course will be on zoom.  This class will be facilitated by Jan Hart and Sherry Torbert.  Register on Heartrevivalministries.com
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