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Ron and Sherry are excited to present an enlightening 8-week online “Passion for Purpose Inner Healing” course via Facebook Live from 7 – 8:30 pm CST commencing on October 16.  Delve into a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth as we explore a range of captivating topics that include the Holy Spirit’s guidance, God’s Immutable Laws, the art of Forgiveness, navigating Spiritual Warfare, the path to Recovery from Shame and Trauma, addressing Unmet Love Needs, tackling Denial, and ultimately, discovering your true Purpose.

You will find more information about the course on the Torbertministry.org website.  The course has garnered an impressive following, with countless individuals attesting to its profound impact on their lives. You’ll be inspired by their remarkable testimonials.

Secure your spot in this life-changing journey by registering today for only $297, which covers the cost of your workbook and grants you access to invigorating small group ministry sessions, facilitating deeper discussions and personal growth after each teaching. For alumni who wish to revisit this transformative experience, we’re thrilled to offer a special registration rate of just $79 by indicating the date and the facilitator of your first class.  Special small groups for pastors is available.

Embark on this voyage of self-discovery, and unlock the potential for inner healing and purposeful living. Your journey begins on October 16 – reserve your place now by registering on Torbertministry.org.





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