We are celebrating the birth of our first grandson Knox this week! What a miracle new birth is! It has been precious to watch our son & daughter-in-love parent and love this new child. Both mom and dad have been intentional about skin-to-skin contact which has been proven to improve breastfeeding, help the baby to stay calmer, cry less, have healthier blood sugar levels, feel more confident and be the best way to help the new baby adjust to life in the outside world.

John Sanford from Elijah House Ministries always taught the great importance of the father placing the baby on his chest. He said the Bible teaches that it’s the father who loves the child to live. When this doesn’t happen there is a void. IAPM and Heart Revival Ministries are all about loving people back to life through the inner healing of wounds. It’s our Heavenly Father who can place us on His chest and love us back to life. We all have wounds and places where we need the healing touch of our Heavenly Father.