Many wonder what it is like being in ministry and motherhood. Well, here is a small glimpse. This picture was taken at 10:55 pm. What you don’t see is my notepad and pen next to me as I was preparing to minister this morning. I know what you are thinking. . .”

Why did you not just put the kids to bed?” Well, anytime I have to minister, my babies draw closer to me, so instead of pushing or sending them away, I allow them to come with me as I minister to the Lord as I allow Him to minister to me. Jace lays on my chest as I pray just as his sister did when she was a baby. He was nursing up until about two minutes before I had to minister. For me, the Lord instructed me to “take them with you!” Motherhood and ministry are not separate for me, as I submit to the ministry of motherhood, So, I am graced in every other form of ministry the Lord has called me to! I feel the same about marriage! Let me add, I didn’t get much sleep and sometimes there are fits of crying or sick kids. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!!!!