Passion for Purpose (Testimony)

What is Passion for Purpose?

After being associated with Elijah House for over 20 years and facilitating their 27-week School of Prayer Ministry for years, Sherry had a passion to reach more people with these truths by developing an 8- week inner healing course which is called Passion for Purpose.  Hundreds of people have taken this course and have shared amazing testimonies of what God can do in just 8 weeks.  Many of these people then go on to enroll in the Elijah House training, getting even more healing and training.

The eight lessons in Passion for Purpose are:

  • A Helper for the Journey – Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • God’s Immutable Laws – The Biblical basis for our ministry.
  • Forgiveness – Who is it for?
  • Exposing the Enemy – We are not to be ignorant of the devil’s schemes.
  • Trauma/Shame recovery – Everyone needs healing in this area.
  • Love Needs – What happens when our love needs are not met?
  • Denial – The greatest blockage to healing.
  • Your Purpose – It’s simply profound.

You can purchase access to Ron and Sherry’s video teachings on these 8 lessons as well as the accompanying workbook.  You can process through the class individually or with a group.  A leader’s manual is provided when you purchase the videos.

Sherry also takes individuals through this study in a 90-day coaching class.