Are you looking for something to add to give you a little more daily pizzazz! I have an essential oil to recommend — Black Pepper! The pepper you sprinkle on your food every day is actually a dried herb. Herbs are good yet they are not as potent as an essential oil. Essential oils are living energy that comes from the plant when it is distilled

Black pepper enhances blood circulation. If you have an injury on some part of your body, a drop of Black pepper essential oil (diluted) could help resolve the inflammation, tenderness, and soreness in the body. Or if it is a good quality essential oil, it can be put in a capsule and taken internally.

There are not a lot of things that can cross the blood-brain barrier, but essential oils tend to be able to because the molecules are so small. Overall, Black pepper essential oil has the ability to give us better brain function. It acts similar to peppermint in getting oxygen and nutrition to the brain. This could mean cognitive function could be improved by using just one drop of the finest essential oil brand on the market – Young Living. Doing one drop in the morning with your daily regimen will do wonders for your health with increased energy, diminish muscle aches and soreness and increase the cognitive function of the brain.

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