Advisory Board Members

Mark and Maureen, formerly with Elijah House Ministries, now direct Elijah Rain Ministries, headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho. Mark earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art from Boise State University in 1978 and a Master of Divinity with a major in counseling from Denver Theological Seminary in 1985. He is an author, teacher, conference speaker, pastoral counselor, and mentor with 38 years of experience. With his father, John Sandford, he co-authored “Deliverance and Inner Healing” and “Healing the Earth.” His latest book is entitled, “Turning the Hearts of Fathers.”

In recent years, Maureen has joined Mark in teaching, speaking, counseling, and mentoring. Mark and Maureen have a passion for bringing healing to the Body of Christ (especially pastors and leaders), and for training others to do the same. They have three grown children — a daughter, Michal, and two sons, Jonah and Jasha.