Prayer Minister

Jan brings the gift of encouragement to the team at Heart Revival. She is passionate about God and passionate about His people. After experiencing her own inner healing journey through prayer ministry, she is eager to help others through the same process. She and her husband Kent have been married for over 36 years, and they have four grown sons and three daughters-in-love. They have been on a journey realizing that they brought a lot of baggage into their marriage, even though they were raised in “good” Christian homes. They both believed the lie that you have to work hard and be good enough in order to be accepted by God. They have a great testimony of how God saved and healed their marriage through the application of Biblical principles and prayer ministry sessions. They have been tested in the fires of financial traumas, health traumas, and many loss traumas, but through it, all God has sustained them and matured them for the calling on their lives.

Jan has worked in education, has been a leader with Premier Designs, and is a successful business life coach. She is a graduate of both the 201 and 202 Elijah House Schools and is now a facilitator for those schools. She has been through TPM (Theophostic Prayer Ministry) training and she and her husband have led Passion for Purpose small groups, as well as Healing the Hearts of the Children seminars.

Jan is a compassionate, wise, encouraging, and loving prayer minister who surrenders to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. She resides in Tyler, TX and is available for in-person or zoom sessions.  You may contact her at Coachjanhart@gmail.com.

Jan loves to coach women and has developed a 90-day program that focuses on going from disappointed, lonely, and fearful to connected, and full of faith for the future and peace in the Lord.